Sophie A. Wedding Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sophie A. Wedding Photography (Sophie A. Wedding Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:29:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:29:00 GMT Sophie A. Wedding Photography: Blog 120 79 Laura & Paul We first me Laura & Paul and their son Jacob over 2 years ago.  They are such a lovely couple with a very lively little 3 year old.  Having recently spent time with them at the Festival Gardens in Liverpool for their pre shoot then their wedding day, it’s clear to see what a happy couple and family they are.20120812-IMG_8515

We arrived at Laura’s parent’s house on a lovely sunny morning and were met by Anne (Laura’s Mum) who made us feel very welcome right away offering us a bucks fizz and a bacon buttie. All of the girls including Laura looked very relaxed as well as Dad, Steve.  We got to work on the details shots and then each bridesmaid. It was soon time for me to leave and meet the boys at St Cecilia’s Church Tuebrook.  John stayed with the girls.A-027

Paul and his best man Alan looked very handsome and calm. I got some shots of the boys and the guests arriving. A-070

A-038 Laura arrived looking amazing and her bridesmaids looked lovely. B-040

After the ceremony we headed off to Newsham Park for the formal family and group shots. Laura & Paul stayed with us for a little while for some more shots before we headed off to the Liverpool Marina for the reception.C-118


D098 A great day was had by all including John & I. Both families and friends made us feel very welcome, it felt like we had known them forever. Enjoy the pics
















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Farington Lodge Wedding - Nicola & Mike A gorgeous summer day in August!  We arrived at Farington Lodge around 10.30 to find Mike the groom, sitting outside in the sunshine looking very relaxed having a coffee with his sister. We had a quick chat then headed off to meet Nicola who was getting ready with her bridesmaids. After getting some detail shots and shots of each bridesmaid, we left the girls having a glass or two of bubby and headed off to meet Mike and the boys. They all looked very handsome and a little nervous.  Berni, Mike's Dad, who was also his best man and Peter, Nicola's Dad joined us along with Andrew Nicola's brother.  They soon got into the swing of things and we had fun taking various shots around the grounds. We then left the boys in the bar and John went back to the girls.  I stayed outside the hotel in the sunshine and got some shots of guests arriving. Nicola looked stunning, and her bridesmaids in their vibrant green dresses looked lovely. Once John had the all important shots of Nicola with the girls he then moved on to more formal shots of her with Mum and Dad, who both had a little tear in their eye at one stage.

It was now time for the ceremony. Mike waited nervously with Berni for Nicola to enter the room and when he saw her, his face lit up and his smile just said it all.

After the ceremony, we spent around 45 minutes getting the various group combination shots then we let all the guests go.  We started on the bridal portrait shots with Nicola and Mike and their bridal party. The weather was so lovely we even managed to get some fun shots of the boys doing their Usain Bolt impressions and the girls doing their Charlies Angels impressions.  After everyone had finished their meal we took Nicola and Mike up to their room for about half an hour.  We got some lovely shots of them relaxing in their room before they greeted their evening guests.

The rest of the day was great, the weather was lovely which meant people could enjoy a drink outside on the patio area right up to the evening guests arriving.

Everyone enjoyed the evening entertainment provided by a live band. We stayed until Nicola and Mike did their first dance as Mrs & Mrs Sharples and made sure we got some shots of the party in full swing. We really enjoyed the day and everyone made us feel very welcome.

Here is a sneak preview of the day:











BG-24 BG-27



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Tanya & John’s Wedding Last week we had a great time covering Tanya & John’s wedding in Bolton.  It was a little unusual for us for a couple of reasons.  John is a farmer and his beautiful wife is Russian.  Both were getting ready for their wedding day at the farm.  We have never been met by a groom on his wedding day in his wellies and overalls, but John had farming duties to attend to before his marriage vows!

John’s parents, Geoff & Christine made us feel really welcome at the farm, Geoff showing us around their farm, all the new-born piglet’s and calf’s, Marie was in her element.

untitled untitled-5

This special day meant that for the first time ever the farm was closed for the day.

untitled-74bw untitled-85bw untitled-10 untitled-148 untitled-147

Once ready we were all off to Bolton Registry office for the ceremony, along with Tanya’s mum Ludmilla, brother Alex and his wife Lena, all of whom had flown in from Russia.

untitled-225 untitled-233 untitled-232

Following the ceremony we had some time with the newly weds in Queens Park Bolton and it is clear from the images that they are totally in love.

untitled-395bw untitled-379-bw untitled-372-bw untitled-360-bw untitled-352-bw untitled-344-bw untitled-336-bw untitled-381

The wedding was a small informal and relaxed affair. We all went back to the farm where a marquee had been set up, plenty of wine and great food was on offer.  The kids of the various families appeared to be having a great time running through the fields.

untitled-433 untitled-434

Early evening John and Tanya along with their guests, and a further special guest, Bernhard, who had flown in from Germany, went for a celebratory meal at the beautiful Beeches restaurant in Standish.

untitled-508 untitled-515

untitled-497 untitled-5391

We had a great day and thanks to Tanya, John and their families and friends who made us feel really welcome.

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Festival Gardens Liverpool Last week Marie and I had the pleasure of doing a Pre Shoot with Laura & Paul.  They are to be married soon in Liverpool and will continue onto the Liverpool Marina Yacth Club.  We decided that we should do this shoot at the Festival Gardens Site as it’s only 5 minutes from the Marina. We were pleasently surprised.  The Festival Gardens are a wonderful place to go visit.  Take the kids as there is a big climbing frame and plenty of open spaces to wonder around.  It’s certainly a venue I will visit again.

Laura & Paul also had their son Jacob with them on the shoot.  Full of fun and energy.  We were all tired out at the end of a couple of hours, except Jacob of course.

Heres a few images from the shoot.


20120812-img_8544 20120812-img_8515 20120812-img_8557 20120812-img_8554 20120812-img_8525 20120812-img_8507 20120812-img_8501 20120812-img_8496 20120812-img_8478 20120812-img_8475 20120812-img_8455 20120812-img_8451 20120812-img_8439 20120812-img_8488

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Nicola & Mike’s Pre Shoot – Fir Tree Farm Well it’s been a few months since I’ve done any sort of blog.  Busy with weddings and travelling back & forth to Spain.

Yesterday we had great fun with Nicola and Mike shooting their Pre Wedding shoot at Fir Tree Farm at Kings Moss.  It’s a great place to go not only for the shoot but for all kinds of other ideas, click on the this link for some ideas, Marie particularly likes the cakes! Oh and they have wedding receptions there too.

After the shoot, Nicola & Mike went off to the rugby match, she supports Saints, Mike supports Warrington, you guessed it, they were playing each other that night, hopefully the wedding is still on this Saturday!  Here are a few images from the shoot.  We are looking forward to their wedding on Saturday.

img_7260 img_7246 img_7224-1 img_7191-1 img_7185-1 img_7175-1 img_7161-1 img_7157 img_7301-1 img_7321 img_7317

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Hard Days Night Hotel It was another long day for Marie & I.  We would firstly like to thank the staff at the Hard Days Night Hotel Liverpool.  They were great and looked after us.  Often hotels overlook the photographers but the Hard Days staff were fantastic.

It’s been a few weeks since we covered Tracey & Liam’s wedding.  The hotel is, as you’ve probably guessed, a Beatles themed Hotel in the centre of Liverpool.  Infact it backs onto the world famous Cavern Club …. as they say ‘where it all started’.

Marie & I had a great day with Tracey & Liam.  Here’s a sneak peak of a few images of the day.

img_0035_f Even Princesses need to have their hair done!

img_0038 Tracey and the bridesmaids got ready in the John Lennon Suite.  This is one of the best rooms in the hotel.  It’s all white, with thick white carpet, even a white piano.  Naturally one can’t help thinking about the ‘White Album’.

There are also plenty of photographs and paintings of Lennon around the room.  Tracey looked stunning on the day.

img_1166 img_1151 img_1162 img_1131 img_1174


img_1006 img_0998 img_1041 img_1065 Tracey and her Dad about to enter the cermony room. She looks very relaxed.img_1215 img_1228 img_1281 img_1248

First dance for Tracey & Liam.

img_1544 img_1543 Some final images of the newly weds ………..                                                                                                                                                                                                                      img_1563 img_1444 img_1519 img_1526 img_1539 img_1541 I


Tracey & Liam are a very relaxed couple to work with and it was an honour  to  shoot their wedding.

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Week 6 Australia Marie and I have now arrived back in the UK… sadly.  We just did not get time to write anything in our last week in Australia.  But better late than never.

Our last week saw the two of us and Mark cover the wedding of Joanna and Dave.  They are a great couple from the UK.  They travelled over to get married as Joanna’s family live in Perth.  The ceremony took place on Palm Beach in the Safety Bay area.

It was a small intimate ceremony with 3 bridesmaids and 1 bestman  Brandon,  David’s 11 year old son, who gave a great speech at the reception.

Marie & I covered the girls preperation while Mark set up the DJ system at the reception, held in Emma’s Restaurant in Rockingham.  He then joined us on the beach for the ceremony.  Here are a few images of the day, starting with Marie and I taking shots.











Joanna looking fabulous!






050412_c_0259 Before we left, cooling their feet, looking a little too relaxed. Joanna described the colour of her bridesmaids dresses as dayglo orange!


Arriving at the ceremony, it’s hard to think that in the days before the wedding day the weather had turned distiinctly cooler and windy.  The only person who was confident that the weather would be terrific was Joanna, and she was right.  Beautiful sunshine.050412_p_0069                    A really clever shot of Brandon taken by Mark.  Dad is in the reflection.

050412_p_0063 050412_c_0007 An intimate moment between father & son just before the ceremony.050412_c_0065 050412_c_0220

050412_c_0174 050412_c_0177 Following the ceremony we had some time at the beach and a local park for some fun shots before the evening reception.

050412_bg_0080 050412_bg_0240 050412_bg_0125 050412_bg_0252 050412_bg_0275 050412_bg_0110



Joanna & Dave are a great fun couple and totally in love.  It was an honour for Marie Mark & I to be present and photograph their wedding.  We had a great time.

So Marie & I are back to reality now and going iinto our own wedding season.  Photographing weddings in Australia was a real opportunity for us to work with some great couples and also work with my own brother Mark, a great photographer, videographer and entertainer, but also a great brother.

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Australia Week 5 Well it’s been a funny old week. Once again Marie and I are back in the thick of it helping Mark with his house. This time it’s moving tons and tons of sand, digging out and back filling his front garden because he has just had a retaining wall built. We do have the photographs and evidence to prove that this 6 week trip to Australia was all about Mark and his house!

He did give us one day off. So Marie and I took the opportunity to go on a wine tasting day in the Swan Valley. It included a trip to a brewery and a chocolate factory …. Heaven for both of us. It was short lived though.

The next day saw Marie, Mark, Lorraine and I up very early. We were covering the wedding of Jake & Melissa. This was a real long day, Lorraine & I covered the brides preparation while Mark and Marie had the easy task of covering the groom at their hotel in central Perth.

You can see that Melissa looked gorgeous from the following images. The house was very dark so I had to use the technique of off camera flash, and also bounced it over my right shoulder. I had also metered to allow some of the ambient light in. The result means no harsh shadows .Overall the technique is to give soft , even and directional lighting that flatters the bride.

p_0140 p_0127 p_0164-copy

I won’t talk show any of the boys prep shots because Marie & Mark had time for coffee and a muffin at the local café! Not working hard enough I say.

Meanwhile after we had finished with Melissa, Lorraine and I had an hours car journey to the church, the wonderful St Georges Cathedral in Perth.

We have lots and lots of shots of the ceremony. We were not allowed to use flash in this very dark church, so a high ISO was needed to allow some of the ambient light to spill into the image. Also we were very restricted as to movement, so the long lens had to come out. Still a nice moment captured. Here’s an example.cere_0229

Melissa and Jake had a large bridal party. And together we went and spent about 90 minutes taking shots of them in a local Perth Park and on the banks of the Swan River. You can see from this shot that the wind was getting up. What you can’t see are 3 other brides waiting to get on the jetty with their photographers. So it was a quick grab shot only.bg_0161 bg_0059 bg_0168

We then went of to the Forrest centre in the business district of Perth for the reception and dinner. Because Mark provides a DJ service we were their till after midnight, followed by an hours drive home. This is a shot of the happy couple just before the end.r_0147-copy

Marie and I have one more wedding to cover on Thursday. It’s a small affair but the weather at the moment is more like the UK. We are hoping that it will pick up for Thursday.

Marie & I would like to thank Melissa, Jake & their respective families for making us feel so welcome at such an important family event.  We enjoyed our day with them, as did Lorraine & Mark.

This time next week we will be back in the UK ……………………… for a rest!!!

Catch you in a couple of days


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Animals & Sunsets Week 4 in Australia saw Marie and I without a wedding this week.  Infact, we had a bit of a rest and the opportunity to get out and about around Perth.

Here a a couple of images from Safety Bay, we thought we would go down to the beach and catch the sunset.  Marie of course makes friends with Sophie who was out for an evening stroll with her owner..

Wouldn’t you know it, the minute I put the camera away, a dolphin and it’s baby slowly passed by.



We also visited Caverhsam Wildlife Park, here you can walk amongst the animals and we had some fun with the Koala Bears.animal_0008  and the wallabies.


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Week 3 Australia Friday the 16th of March saw Marie, Mark & I,  back at Munja Gardens for the wedding of Kylie & Paul.  It was a low key affair so Lorraine decided to use the day to catch up with her own work at home.  It had been another hectic week, Mark the slave driver had us all run off our feet working on his new house.  But it’s now taking shape.

It was obvious at the wedding rehersal a few days earlier that Kylie & Paul are very much in love.  It was difficult to stop them kissing each other!

Anyway here are Mark and I working.  Mark is on the video, I have the male pattened baldness starting.

marie_20120317_0020 Marie & I are not used to the beautiful soft light you have here in Australia, it makes gorgeous images at the right time of day.  As you can see on some of the images we backlighted the couple with that golden sunshine.  Still the sunlight brings it’s own challeges from a technical viewpoint and it’s great to work out solutions to those problems.


Munja Gardens is a fantastic location and the three of us had a great time with Kylie & Paul. We had a nice meal and the whole wedding wasn’t as long as the previous two. Mark was not doing his DJ service this time.  Here is a sneak peak of some of the shots from the day…













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Australia Week 2 Saturday March 10th. Marie & I were back in Fremantle. This time covering the wedding of Jerri & Jason a really fun couple.  It was a scorching hot day, reaching almost 40 degrees.  It was also was a very long day from 10 am till midnight, but we loved every minute of it.

Marie covered the Groom and boys photoshoot at Jasons parents home, whilst I covered the brides preperation at the beautiful Esplande Hotel.

Later we all met at St Patricks RC Church for the wedding ceremony. The church is really old an very beautiful. …. and it was a lot cooler!

Marie and I then spent a couple of hours with the bridal party getting various gorgeous images around Fremantle.  We spent a little bit of time with them at the beach but as the weather was so lovely it was too busy for a photoshoot. We did however, get a couple of lovely shots near by. We set off to the Esplande Hotel for pre dinner drinks and nibbles before the reception.  The room looked beautiful very elegant and stylish, just like Jerri and Jason.

Jerri & Jason must have been practising their bridal dance and did a really great job.

It was a very enjoyable day we had great fun with the bridal party and their families.  Marie and I would like to thank Jerri & Jason for allowing us to photograph their wedding and being a part of their special day.  We have hundreds of beautiful images, here is a very small sneak peak at them.

Click to view slideshow.

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Australia Week 1 Hi everyone, John and I arrived in Australia last Wednesday and went straight into shooting our first wedding. I went to the boys house to get their preparation shots while John worked with the bride and bridesmaids. Here’s a shot I managed to get of John working with Tasha & Mike.  They were a really fun couple and we had a great day with them and their family and friends. We were even invited to join them at their wedding breakfast at the beautiful Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle.

This is a small selection of the many beautiful images we shot on the day.


Our day started off at the brides house in Perth and we were joined by her Mum and Dad, five beautiful bridesmaids and Tash and Mikes three children.

img_1943 img_2065 The ceremony took place at in the beautiful grounds of Munja Gardens where we were joined by 60 guests. The Australians are so relaxed and laid back and made us feel very welcome.

img_2230 img_2239




img_2270 We had a great time in Fremantle even the traffic stopped for us here so we could get the shot.



This was our last fun shot before we set off to the Hotel for pre dinner drinks.  Over here they tend to get married late afternoon and then go straight into the wedding breakfast around 6.00 then into their evening reception.  They don’t have seperate guest invited to the evening so we were with the same guests all day.   We agree it’s a great way to do it.

We will be doing it all over again this Saturday so watch our for our next blog…….

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